GlobaLocal Digital

A global agency, GLD creates geo-targeted, interactive touchpoints for your brand to engage with and convert your online footprint into measurable business results. We offer our expert creative content, digital marketing resources, online reputation management and digital consultancy services to increase traffic and engagement.

Trivium Productions

Trivium Productions is a concept Production House. One of the top creative production companies in India, Arabia & Europe. At TMG we all possess the same forte to strike a chord between the people and the product; we guide your brand to create influential presence at every touch point through strategic planning and inspiring visuals

Trivium PR

We are a public relations agency with a great blend of youth and experience which means we eagerly keep abreast of the latest innovations in PR and yet manage to keep true to our core values. PR agency offers public relations, Crisis, Brand Reputation Management.

Trivium Creative

We are a multifunctional creative agency with a lot of passion for branding & design. From Branding and Design to Digital Strategy and Web Development, we’ve helped businesses to craft honest and emotional experiences. Our creative solutions are crafted to solve business problems in a sophisticated manner. Our mission is to deliver effective strategies, innovative ideas and create world class brands.

SOS Buzzfeed

We at SOS BUZZFEED believe that Luxury is just not about shopping but it is about experiencing all the comforts of life. SOS BUZZFEED is a pinnacle that culminates all kinds of creativity. Be it luxury, fashion, travel, nightlife, automobiles or any other facet of life. We fabricate shareable content and designs, weekly social itineraries that have the power to redefine your lifestyle.

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