Advertising Agency

We all love to create memories with our family, friends, and even with the special brands in our life. TMG is the connector that helps you evolve through precise results-driven advertising services and multichannel campaigns. We craft a new and inspired look for each piece of content we create and let our clients brands do the talking for us. We strive to strike a chord between the people and the product.

Media Agency

The era of globalization is now – and that means becoming universal in every segment. TMG’s media services are tailored for promoting global awareness and enable you to influence conversations. We identify the specific media options that will most effectively target the demographic you are seeking to reach and make sure that your ad is keyed properly. Our experienced staff members also know what works in what type of media, enabling them advise you on different design options for different sites, to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign and our vast network of sites will give you plenty of options to place your ads on the most effective sites.

Production House

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Redefine your brand image with innovative multimedia storytelling by relying on TMG’s advanced production capabilities and superior delivery. . At TMG we all possess the same forte to strike a chord between the people and the product; we guide your brand to create influential presence at every touch point through strategic planning and inspiring visuals.

Management Consultancy

Your company is a living unit, interconnected with many communities. Integrate every function for maximum efficiency with our decision-making and execution consulting services to increase your company performance. We help global leaders with their organization’s most critical issues and opportunities. Together, we create enduring change and results.

PR & Communication

It’s important to stay connected, and even more important to do it the right way .We at Trivium Rewrite your story verse with a twist, narrating for Luxury, Fashion, lifestyle, textile, hospitality, automobile & real estate. We are a public relations agency with a great blend of youth and experience which means we eagerly keep abreast of the latest innovations in PR and yet manage to keep true to our core values Crisis, Brand Reputation Management Trivium PR is the arm of Trivium Group.

Designer Management

Ideas only succeed when they are executed. Cultivate your designer brand with TMG’s expertise and specialized tools built on extensive partnerships and industry knowledge. Our agency transcends traditional and brand marketing and business expectations, strategically differentiates brands and personalities in a competitive landscape.

Licensing Boutique

Alliances are the new norm of business development. TMG’s hands-on strategies and authority on identifying and achieving successful licensing deals helps your brand gain momentum. We’re are a total licensing agency solution and is proud of the billions of dollars in retail sales our work has helped to generate on behalf of our world-class clients.

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Benefits of collaboration with us

We work with our clients as one marketing team helping to determine strategic and tactical direction.

Strong networking capabilities

We believe building relationships is the start of everything. So we focus on strategic design and implementation to enhance brand reputation.

Responsive and open cooperation

We create sustainable brands with mutually-beneficial alliances. So we focus on developing an open channel of conversation.

Dedicated and creative team

Our team offers responsive services and resources customized to your goals. So we focus on giving you the optimum solutions.


A responsive unit, we create experiences that engage and resonate with targeted marketing and hyperlocal advertising campaigns. Trivium Media Group designs strategies by melding creativity and relevance to help build, measure and manage your brand.


Meet the team of doers

Ovez Khan
CEO & Co-founder
An advertising industry veteran, Ovez Khan is ever adaptable and leads with a strong sense of business acumen.
Ajinkya Honrao
Digital Head
Ajinkya sees every project through with his digital prowess and excellent management skills.
Sphoorti Bhandare
Communication Head
Sphoorti crafts simple and effective language aligned with the latest research and most popular trends.

Our Divisions

SOS Buzzfeed

We at SOS BUZZFEED believe that Luxury is just not about shopping but it is about experiencing all the comforts of life. SOS BUZZFEED is a pinnacle that culminates all kinds of creativity. Be it luxury, fashion, travel, nightlife,

GlobaLocal Digital

GlobaLocal Digital is a comprehensive digital marketing agency creating targeted touchpoints for your brand by harnessing the power of creative content, online reputation management, digital consulting and online marketing.


Business is all about connecting the dots,
and we at Trivium would love to do it with you.

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